Monday, 8 February 2016

I am not...

It has been nearly 7 months since I made an entry or did anything with my blog... this will change as I find this is an outlet in many ways. Not to mention a wonderful way of sharing my work and bits of my life...

This will be a short entry to get things rolling.

Since coming to terms with who I am, and accepting myself as that person, I have had many show their support. Some feigned there support and have withered away so I simply let them go. In any case I have encountered interesting people since so I want to set the record straight.


a tranny
girlie boi
girl with a dick
gay (other than being happy)
wannabe lesbian


A human being with feelings, emotions, intelligence, a passion for family and life, an artist who just happens to be a transgender woman. I love and care about people and want to be able to live my life as the woman I am, regardless of what anyone thinks. 

I am who I am... if you don't like or respect that then it is you who has the problem...