Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Deep in the forest...

As I have done many times before, I set out to walk along a familiar stream in the mountains. This stream brings me peace, a sense of tranquility and gives me the opportunity to simple be one with nature. This time I go further along the trail next to the rushing water and I begin to hear what sounds like a waterfall.

I come around a gentle bend in the trail and see the water cascading over the rocks to the water below. It is very peaceful despite the water’s roar. I look across the landscape and my poor vision detects what looks like a person perched upon the rocks. I get a little closer but still not close enough.
She is one with her forest...
Attaching the telephoto lens to my camera I kneel and focus on the place where this entity is. I see what appears to be... an elf of some sort. Really she is a beautiful woman. Long flowing robes the colour of emerald and I soon notice the shape of her ears... a forest nymph, an elf. If I hadn’t encountered the “Reptilian Goddess” some years before on the other side of the island, I wouldn’t have even considered what I was seeing now.

I watched and I pressed the shutter once... she heard the mirror deep in the camera body click and turned to face me directly. A light smile came across her lips and she extended her hand in a friendly gesture of beckoning. I slowly made my way to this dream like creature who did not seem afraid. I was to learn later that stories of my encounter with the goddess had made its way through the land and I was considered a friend of the forest.
The dancing begins
We proceed down a short path to a large structure... ruins if you will. Perhaps the castle of the Goblin King, and considering the labyrinth of forest I just came through, this was probably the case. She danced and I tried to join her in her joyous celebration but with two left feet I simple stood back and watched. Enjoyed the honour and trust given to me.
Peaceful thought or prayer...
We leave the confines of the castle and as she peers over a railing she points... showing me a path and hinting for me to follow it. I couldn’t have gone more than a hundred meters before I could see my car along the side of the road, I turned to look back at the castle and my hostess only to find nothing there but a solid rock face. Everything I had seen was gone but... the images on my camera were safe. 

My friend points the way with her gaze...
A gift of imagery and peace from a wee elf in the deepest of woods...

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