Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Pearl of the Pacific

I gaze into unknown eyes... the eyes of a woman I have never met. It is comforting that even through an image that I can find some kind of solace and peace. I have seen many of her curves in images captured by others and it feels like a there is a dancer with flowing fabrics that appears to float and move with such grace that it fills my heart with emotions.

There is a bodyscape of a pure soul reminding me of so many wonderful places on Earth. The gradual rises and falls in the sand of the Sahara, the grace of the sheer blue ice along the ridges of Antarctica. Yet... the look I see in her eyes is lonely yet warm, loving and caring. Knowing that the close and trusted person who “introduced” us has had beneath his brush a most unique canvas... a human canvas filled with passion carefully buffered with inner pain and anguish

The mind of a passionate artist was fired up with visions of how this fellow human being should be captured in artistic imagery. Perhaps in a style never seen by anyone or yet to be discovered. Introduced for a reason, perhaps an unspoken reason between artists but one felt through energies and the currents of the universe. A connection has been made and I believe it could grow to bring a new light and creative art to the world of photographic imagery.

Should all three meet in the same plane of existence then nothing but pure magic will happen. The friendship will grow ever closer and wonder shall fill the otherwise desolate void.

(Image used with permission of the model - Photographed by:
Don Ambridge)

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