Monday, 9 October 2017

Is this a Gamble?

Meet Richard Gamble, he is a bit of an icon in one neighbourhood and I can see why...

 Order Two Foods (Facebook Page link at the bottom) is a small operation that serves truly amazing and freshly cooked hot dogs. The product is always fresh and it really does taste good. A variety of options and condiments make the experience just that much better.

 You will always be greeted with what I call a “down home country greeting” which is indicative of Saskatchewan. A very clean cart with classical music playing in the background makes the experience just that much better. Rumour has it that if you can identify the music playing or the composer of the piece... your hot dog is free.

 There is always a kind word from the host, and a warm greeting to all who pass. If you leave a tip they are of course welcome but I added to the pot a little and contributed to the “Pay it Forward” program so that someone in a less fortunate place in life than myself may have a better day with a free meal. I met a couple of Richard’s regulars while I was there and it was wonderful to hear the conversation build. I felt at east (not easy for me) and it was great in sharing a bit of life with two people I had never met till today.

 I have a million things to be thankful for... My life, my identity, my children and grandchildren (like 20+ descendants) my family as a whole, my extended family all of which I treasure greatly. I am thankful for my health, my work and my ability to continue my art even on a low vision day. I am thankful for Kozmo who loves me as I love him... unconditionally (even when he draws blood).

I am thankful for you, every one of you... you are part of my life in one way or another.

Peace be with you all...

Order Two Food's Facebook Page

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